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Is your fly problem ready for mandatory birth control?

How many maggots is too many? Use a proven fly control program.

Target Your Entire Fly Population: 15% adult flies & 85% unhatched flies

On average, for every 180 flies you can see, 1,000 are about to hatch! You can eliminate 85% of your fly problem by killing them before they hatch. The right fly parasites (not predators) will sniff out and lay their eggs inside fly pupae, killing the fly while multiplying themselves. Kunafin’s tiny army of fly parasites is only interested in flies so they leave people and animals alone. You'll need the right number of parasites on the right spreading schedule. Read more about this proven fly management program...

What is your real cost-of-kill?

How does biological control pay off vs. pesticides?

In just 5 months, generations from a single breeding pair could cover the Earth in 47 feet of flies! Fortunately, nature is great at fly control, until we give flies an unnatural advantage by herding large numbers of manure-producing animals together on farms, dairies, feedlots, kennels, etc. With so much manure, there is no way insecticide alone can address the root of the problem.

On the other hand, Kunafin evens the odds with generation after generation of natural fly enemies to proactively kill generation after generation of tomorrow's flies before they become pests.

Since pesticide only kills a percentage of the current fly generation, your cost-of-kill for each insecticide application shoots through the roof compared to the self-multiplying generations of fly parasites that keep eating generation after generation of fly pupae for years to come. In other words, the longer you rely on insecticides alone, the more expensive your cost of kill will grow, while the longer you use Kunafin, the lower your cost of kill will drop! Read more about Biological Integrated Insect Management Programs.

Are you ready to clear the air of adult flies?

How do you kill the flies that have already hatched?

Flies live to reproduce. They follow an invisible trail of sex pheromones to a mate. That’s why Kunafin’s water traps are baited with fly sex pheromones. Adult flies rush to the traps and die, quickly and quietly. Kunafin also prescribes targeted baiting near fly nurseries and spraying of landing places where flies tend to rest. Let us tell you more about the end of your fly problem.

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